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    Benny started in Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province in Southeast China. The iconic Minjiang River diverged in this land and crossed into the sea. At the end of last century, Benny was established in Fuzhou and began to set foot in the tea drinking industry....

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    During the 4th Jasmine Tea Conference, Benny Tea won the recommended products of jasmine tea in 2022 and was awarded the title of the Top Ten Innovative Brands of Jasmine Tea in 2022...

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    As a professional catering tea and solution service organization, Benny ranks among the top three in China's catering tea supply chain industry in terms of tea production, various types of refined tea are the core of Benny's products...

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【Tea whole industry chain value service provider】

As a professional catering tea and solution service organization, Benny ranks among the top three in China's catering tea supply chain industry in terms of tea production,various types of refined tea are the core of Benny's products.

These tea products include the six traditional tea categories in China and the tea from the world's major tea producing areas. Through the blending and deployment of Benny's professional and technical personnel, these tea products have been made into related products, including catering tea, tea bags, fruit and flower tea, triangle tea bags, kungfu tea and so on. They are targeted at chain tea drinkings, coffee, Chinese food, western fast food, hot pot, and various types of bottled drinkings containing tea, and appear in various types of life scenes.In addition to the production of raw materials for the food industry, we have high pursuit and quality control over the quality of tea, and vigorously develop gift tea for families, business offices, hotels and other scenes.

【End to end solutions】

You may know our outstanding achievements in catering tea supply chain solutions, creative tea applications, tea trends and related aspects. But for us, end-to-end solutions are not limited to tea and products, but should start from understanding the most fundamental business challenges you face.

Our professional team will work closely with you throughout the business project process to develop plans, conduct comprehensive assessments, and coordinate with the implementation of the plan.

【Roviding support for the whole process of R&D and helping launch new products】

Developing new products is the key to maintaining operations, but new products are not enough. In today's market, you need to upgrade your products faster than ever before, so that you can meet the needs of consumers one step ahead of your competitors.

Whether you plan to develop a new formula or launch a new concept, we can guide you from conception, innovation to successful listing. Benny's rich experience in tea and food and application of creative knowledge can also provide you with suggestions on production efficiency, improving product application processes and increasing productivity flexibility. We have more than 20 years of professional knowledge in food and tea production. In addition to tea, we have a deep understanding of dairy products, plant based, cheese, jam, frozen fruit, HPP/NFC juice, prepared food and powder and other products. We are trusted consultants and partners of the chain professional catering team.

【Test your ideas with the help of tea experts】

What will happen if you increase the tea brewing time or change the tea brewing temperature? Or switch from small trial production to batch production process?

Our product R&D centers located in various parts of China are equipped with many tea technical experts who understand the reaction of your raw materials to different processes and know how to make products that consumers like. Our experienced technical experts and production process engineers of Benny Tea are ready to help you meet the challenges of developing new products. They are well aware of the reaction of tea to different processing methods, which can help you adjust the product formula for the new market, finding more reliable tea application solutions, making better use of materials, and meeting consumers' desire for new taste experience.

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