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    Benny started in Fuzhou, the capital of Fujian Province in Southeast China. The iconic Minjiang River diverged in this land and crossed into the sea. At the end of last century, Benny was established in Fuzhou and began to set foot in the tea drinking industry....

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    During the 4th Jasmine Tea Conference, Benny Tea won the recommended products of jasmine tea in 2022 and was awarded the title of the Top Ten Innovative Brands of Jasmine Tea in 2022...

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    As a professional catering tea and solution service organization, Benny ranks among the top three in China's catering tea supply chain industry in terms of tea production, various types of refined tea are the core of Benny's products...

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Milepost Of Benny

  • 1997

    Benny was established in Fuzhou and entered the tea drinking industry.

  • 2004

    Benny is involved in the production of tea raw materials. The product line covers fruit juice, jam, coconut, tea, etc 。

  • 2007

    Benny has developed Benny Coffee Black Tea, Wheat Black Tea and other products, which have been highly praised in the market once they are listed, affecting the flavor trend of the whole milk tea.

  • 2010

    Benny began to develop and manufacture products in the field of bag tea making.

  • 2011

    Benny set up overseas business department, successively participated in the investment and construction of many factories overseas, setting foot in major foreign tea producing areas such as Sri Lanka, India and Africa.

  • 2015

    The company has comprehensively transformed into a modern agricultural science and technology industrial enterprise integrating tea planting, tea finishing, diversified sales and product scheme provision.

  • 2016

    Benny built an automatic production line of triangular tea bags with a certain scale in China and became the leader of triangular tea bags in the domestic market.

  • 2017

    · The 20th anniversary of Benny
    · Set up Benny Shanghai R & D center in East China, and reorganized the modern tea technology and application creative team.

  • 2018

    · Set up Benny Guangzhou R & D center in South China. Formed the layout of Shanghai Guangzhou double linkage R & D center.
    · Organized and initiated the establishment of "tea and coffee professional committee of China Tea Circulation Association". And was elected chairman of the unit.

  • 2019

    · Benny invested and built oolong tea production base in Anxi, Fujian, to more effectively control the consistency from fresh leaves to finished tea.
    · Benny invested and built Jasmine production base in Hengxian County, Guangxi. Through the management of flower base and standardized scenting procedures, the quality of jasmine tea was ensured.

  • 2020

    · Benny expanded investment in Fuzhou, Fujian and built a new refined tea production, storage and office base.
    · Benny invested and built an industrial park for the preliminary preparation of fresh leaves, tea refining, production and storage in Shouning, Fujian Province.
    · Benny established a B2C channel business department and upgraded the triangle package equipment production line to match the increasing retail tea products.

  • 2021

    · Benny and StarChina signed a Memorandum of Understanding on tea cooperation with Sri Lanka Tea Board.
    · Won the "top ten innovative brands of national jasmine tea" issued by China Tea Circulation Association, and Benny’s jasmine tea to be selected as the "recommended single product of national jasmine tea in 2021".
    · Won the title of "new tea drinking strategic leading brand in 2021" issued by China Tea Circulation Association.
    · Benny expanded its investment in Hengzhou, Guangxi, and built a new jasmine tea R & D and production base in Hengzhou, Guangxi.

  • 2022

    · Benny Tea Fujian Ningde new factory was completed and put into operation, Fuzhou Yongtai new factory started construction, and Guangxi Hengzhou new factory was closed.
    · The College of Horticulture of Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University signed a cooperation agreement with Benny Tea and its four production bases on off-campus science and education practice bases.
    · Benny Tea Industry, together with many tea colleges and universities in China, presented the book "Tribute Tea in the Collection of the Palace Museum" to the teachers and students of the department of tea science and the library.
    · Benny Tea won the annual supply chain explosives award at the 2022 Global Attraction Conference.
    · During the 4th Jasmine Tea Conference, Benny Tea won the recommended products of jasmine tea in 2022 and was awarded the title of the Top Ten Innovative Brands of Jasmine Tea in 2022.

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